To your left: Official ending illustration from Amano Ayane-sensei’s BL series, Viewfinder, published over two years ago. (Page 44, Volume 05 Extra “Temporary Paradise”)

To your right: Magi (SinJa) fanart posted by cpieng a month ago.

I’m no pro, but there is no way you’re ever going to convince me that this was not traced. Tracing from official art and swapping the characters is equally as disrespectful as tracing from fanart if not even more.

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    God dammit. BC
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    … Maybe actually provide a counterpoint or something?? goddamn
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    8C People are allowed to like a stance and use it. That isn’t tracing/ They still had to do the rest of the drawing. Who...
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    this is plagiarism.
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    I agree with what you’re saying and I’m definitely not trying to get this artist in any trouble i’m just trying to make...
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    well as an artist i can say that while tracing is bad, using existing artwork to reference a pose is good being inspired...
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    why do people think tracing is acceptable if the plagiarizer happens to colour it nicely
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    Are you sure, i mean its like drawing the same thing over again. doesn’t look very traced to me.
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